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Terms Of Service
Published: 03.02.2023 (v23.02.03)
Updated: 15.05.2024 (v24.05.15)


Our services can be used for anything permitted by EU laws. Use we do not allow is as listed, but not limited to;

  • DoS, DDoS, or amplification attacks
  • IP spoofing
  • Send spam emails or distribute malware
  • CPU/GPU-mining and storage plotting of cryptocurrency
  • Hosting of phishing sites
  • Use of cracked or unlicensed software
  • Mass port scanning
  • Child pornography
  • Tunnels to other locations with the express purpose of providing remote DDoS protection
  • Should one of your services violate any of these terms, they may be terminated. Spaceberg may without notice choose to suspend or close the service in the event of a breach of the above terms.


Money-back guarantee
We offer a 3-day money-back guarantee if your services are not as they should be and are included in one of the following scenarios:

  • Network outage lasting longer than 3 hours
  • Power outages lasting longer than 4 hours
  • Failure to restore services following a system crash within 24 hours

Invoice and cancellation
Any service that has outstanding invoices for at least 1 day will automatically be terminated at midnight on day 2. This will result in the loss of all data on the service. If you have any special needs, please contact us so that this time limit can be extended.

All cancellation requests must be made through our current customer pages, not directly by email. Cancellation of service will automatically credit outstanding bills for the service that has not yet passed the due date. The service will then be removed from your account after the current billing cycle. Cancellations can be aborted at any time by contacting support.

Any unpaid service is terminated after 2 days.

To reopen or restore cancelled services that have been removed or deleted due to non-payment, we charge a fee of €150.

By associating your card, or your PayPal account as a payment method, you allow us to charge outstanding bills to your account. You're responsible for cancelling your subscription in time. We reserve the right to apply the paid amount as a credit to your account and refuse to refund them to the paid method.

Chargebacks and disputes will lead to the suspension of the whole account, including all services that are active under the account. We may choose to cancel the account completely without any refunds, at our sole discretion in these cases.


Bandwidth Usage
All services are delivered with a predefined amount of bandwidth unless unmetered is stated. Services could be suspended if they exceed the allocated bandwidth volume. Extra bandwidth can be purchased at any time.


Unless agreed otherwise, we will charge for bandwidth overages at the following rates. €3 per TB for dedicated and virtual servers with a metered bandwidth limit.

Tor Exit Node
Spaceberg allows customers to operate Tor Exit nodes on our network (excluding Germany and Austria) with the restrictions listed below. A Tor Exit node can use a lot of bandwidth and cause you to exceed your included bandwidth volume. Additional bandwidth is charged at current rates.

  • The server must have a website stating that it operates a Tor Exit node
  • The server must have a recognizable Reverse DNS that shows it operates a Tor Exit node
  • The server must use a reduced exit policy, as described
  • You must contact support before you set up your Tor Exit node
  • Tor Exit nodes are only permitted on dedicated servers (excluding Germany)


Limitation of liability
Spaceberg can only be held responsible for damages caused by gross negligence or intent. Loss as a result of reduced or halted production or sales is not something Spaceberg is liable for. Any claim cannot exceed the amount Spaceberg has invoiced the customer for the service during the current billing period.


Data loss and hardware replacement guarantee
We do not keep backups of your services. You are responsible for the backup of your data and the integrity of these. Spaceberg is not liable in case of loss of data. We recommend that all customers maintain adequate backups at all times. Services that these concerns are, but are not limited to:

  • Virtual server
  • Dedicated server

Force Majeure
If the execution of the agreement is wholly or partly prevented or substantially hampered by circumstances beyond the control of the parties, the parties' duties are suspended to the extent that the relationship is relevant and for as long as the relationship persists. Such conditions include but are not limited to, strike, lockout, third-party error, third-party power failure, and any circumstance that will be judged as force majeure.

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