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Service Overview:

At Spaceberg, we offer a comprehensive range of VPS and Dedicated Server solutions across multiple countries and networks. Our services are designed to meet diverse needs, and each service can be configured as a seedbox if selected during the ordering process. Most of our offers include a control panel or IPMI, unless otherwise stated.

Freedom of Speech:

We do not require sensitive information from customers and comply with EU GDPR regulations. While we support freedom of speech, we do not tolerate activities that violate our policies.

Dedicated Servers:

  • Netherlands: Public trackers are allowed, DMCA is ignored.
  • France: Public trackers are allowed, DMCA is ignored.
  • UK: Public trackers are allowed, DMCA is not ignored.
  • Germany: Public trackers are not allowed, DMCA is not ignored.

VPS Services:

  • France: Public trackers are allowed, DMCA is ignored.
  • Germany: Public trackers are not allowed, DMCA is not ignored.

Service Features:

  • IPv4 and IPv6: All our offers include dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. If these are not delivered with your server, you can request them via a support ticket. Root access is provided, and many services are customizable—details are available on the product page.
  • Control Panels and IPMI: Most of our services include control panels or IPMI access, providing you with full control over your server.
  • Customizability: You can customize certain aspects of your service during the order process. This includes hardware specifications and software configurations.
  • Seedbox Setup: If you choose the seedbox setup, we optimize your system for the best performance, ensuring efficient and fast file sharing.

Outlet Servers:

These servers were previously cancelled by users and are available at discounted prices. They are unique and typically available in limited quantities. You can find great deals in our Discord channel.

Looking Glass:

Our Looking Glass tool can be found here. We continually update it with all our locations. If you have any questions or wish to ping/speedtest a location, please open a billing/sales ticket unless a Looking Glass is available for that particular location.

Service Information:

Each offer includes detailed specifications such as CPU, memory, drives, network, traffic, bandwidth, and other critical information. This transparency ensures you know exactly what you're getting.

Service Deliveries:

We manually deliver every service, ensuring quality through human oversight. This process requires some time, especially for custom-built dedicated servers which involve racking, network configuration, OS installation, and other setups.

  • Order Confirmation: Once your order is placed and the invoice is paid, you will receive an email confirmation and a service delivery ticket will be created automatically.
  • Service Delivery Ticket: This ticket will contain important information about your order, including any specific requests you made (e.g., application installations, partitioning preferences).
  • Service Ready Notification: When your service is ready, we will update the service delivery ticket with all necessary details, such as IP addresses, netmask, gateway, access credentials, and IPMI details if applicable. For the seedbox setup, it will contain some additional information.
  • Secure Password: We do not store customer passwords or provide them in plain text. Passwords are delivered through a secure internal web application, accessible only once. Each URL is unique and secure.

For detailed information on delivery times, please visit our Delivery Times page. While we strive to deliver services promptly, unforeseen circumstances may occasionally cause delays.

DDoS Protection:

Most of our services come with DDoS protection. Please note that using your service as a seedbox might affect performance. DDoS protection can slow down torrent speeds. This happens because the system flags heavy traffic as a potential threat and starts filtering it. You might also notice sluggish SSH connections or delayed command responses. You can request to disable DDoS protection by opening a technical support ticket. We block Layer 4 attacks as standard. For enhanced protection, please contact us. This might increase your monthly cost. We primarily use Arbor/Corero, but in some locations, we offer Path or Cosmic-Guard protection.

Custom Quotes:

We can deliver servers tailored to your requirements. Open a ticket via your customer account here or email us at [email protected]. This will automatically create a ticket, and you will receive an email confirmation. You can respond to the email, and your reply will be directly attached to the ticket, ensuring no information is lost.

Support Hours:

Our technical and critical support departments operate 24/7. Billing support hours are limited, and you can learn more about their working hours here: Billing hours.


Our policies, including Terms of Service (ToS), Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and Privacy Policy, can be found here.

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