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Seedbox Setup

If you opt for Seedbox Setup, it does not imply that you will lose root access. You will still retain root access, along with some additional advantages.

So what does this mean? Typically, we utilize Arch Linux or Fedora, depending on the server model and its configuration. We make certain tweaks and optimizations not only at the server level but also at the operating system level.

We fine-tune the following aspects before delivering the setup:

  • Operating System (OS)
  • Kernel (custom-built with tweaks, currently using version 6.x)
  • Network settings
  • CPU performance
  • GPU performance (if applicable)
  • Torrent clients
  • Filesystem tuning
  • Swap (zram)
  • Additional fine-tuning

In this scenario, the setup will be optimized for maximum performance, providing a significant boost.


If you choose Seedbox Setup, will we assist you?

Absolutely! It means that we will assist you with any issues you encounter. We can guide you through troubleshooting technical problems, help with installations, offer optimizations, and even provide custom solutions.


What about the extras? What are the bonuses?

The bonuses were mentioned earlier, but in addition, you will be connected to one of our domain names. This ensures the usage of SSL encryption and makes it easier to remember and securely access your applications.

Please note! If you decide to use any other distribution, it means you are responsible for it. We only deliver clean dedicated servers and are solely accountable for network and hardware-related matters.

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